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Am/Can Ch Bentcroft Evan Peleryn, Am/Can CD (Pippin)

Am Ch Statesman's Maverick X Am Ch Statesman's Sampler

January 7, 1989 - July 21, 2000

Pippin died suddenly and unexpectedly that summer morning, after a walk, a drink, and a cookie. Perhaps a heart attack or stroke; we're not sure. He had become a little slower, a little deafer, but there was nothing obviously wrong. We scattered his ashes at Pandapas Pond, in the Jefferson National Forest near Blacksburg, Virginia, where he had spent hundreds of happy hours with us. Pippin leaves eighteen kids in Canada, all adult and healthy, and a handful of grandkids. He also leaves eight kids in the U.S., born in June 1999. Three additional puppies sired by Pippin via frozen semen were born December 7, 2004.

Vital Statistics
Sex: Male
Date of Birth:  January 7, 1989
Breeder: Brooke D. Duvall and C. Allen Duvall
Owner: Valerie L. Young
Height/Weight: 20 inches/49 lbs
Hips: OFA Good
Eyes: CERF / cleared by gonioscopy
Titles: Am/Can Champion, Am/Can Companion Dog

Pedigree for Am/Can Ch Bentcroft Evan Peleryn, Am/Can CD
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