Picture of Welsh Springer Puppy Picture of Bush Picture of Welsh Springer Puppy

Picture of Cara

Ch Glenevan's "First Footin", CD, RN

BIS BISS Ch Rolyart's Still the One, WD X Ch Holly House Glenevan's Isle, CDX, Can CD, WD, VC

Cara is from our first litter, due on New Year's Eve 2001. "First Footin" is a Scottish tradition of visiting friends on New Year's Eve. It fits with being our first litter, with her sire's name (Still the One), and with her outgoing temperament.

Picture of Inga

Ch Geltman's Guest O'Lalley's, CGC

Fin UCh Benton Good Heavens, WD X Benton Deep Feelings

We co-own Inga with Shannon Gandee of Heatherstone WSS. Inga was bred by Ola Eriksson of Geltman' Kennel in Sweden. She has been a great addition to our breeding program.

Picture of Sparkle Pink

Glenevan's Pink Lady, RN

Am/Can Ch Bentcroft Evan Peleryn Am/Can CD X Am Ch Holly House Glenevan's Isle CDX,RN,WD,VC,Can CD

Sparkle Pink was our selection from the Apple litter, named by our then 4 year old daughter, Shona. She's always going 100 miles per hour, and always looking for something to do. She likes to carry a towel or blanket to greet guests.

Picture of Jenny

Am/Can Ch Glenevan Cymry Silverstone Ffolog

Ch Lynlee's I'm a Believer X Ch Geltman's Guest O'Lalley's

Jenny was "our" puppy from Inga's first litter, but with two young kids and three dogs in the house, we knew we couldn't do right by a puppy. We sent her to live with Kathy Smith (Cymry) and Connie O'Brien (Silverstone).

Picture of Comet

Glenevan's Comet

Ch Statesman's Nearco x Am/Can Ch Glenevan Cymry Silverstone Ffolog

A comet moves swiftly and leaves behind a trail of debris. That's our girl. We didn't plan to keep a puppy, but David couldn't stand to let her go. She migrates boots, shoes, and socks all over the great outdoors, takes laundry off the line, and can't be trusted for a minute. She's Sparkle Pink's best friend, and David's choice for walks in Sell's Park.

Picture of Cato

Glenevan Altair

Ch Statesman's Nearco x Am/Can Ch Glenevan Cymry Silverstone Ffolog

We co-own Cato with Mike Travanutti. Cato lives in Cincinnati with Mike and his sons, and is a regular fixture at all St Xavier sporting events. He goes pretty much everywhere with Mike, and has a diverse group of canine buddies in the neighborhood and at the dog park. He's never met anyone he didn't want to play with. Cato is Mike's second Welsh Springer, and looks to be his first show dog. They've started hanging out at Queen City Dog Training Club.

In Memory

Picture of Pippin

Am/Can Ch Bentcroft Evan Peleryn Am/Can CD

Am Ch Statesmans Maverick X Am Ch Statesmans Sampler

Pippin came from Roanoke, Virgina to be my hiking buddy. He was a dog with intensity and an outgoing nature who loved to meet new people and go new places.

Picture of Canna

Am/Can Ch Knockmains Glenlossie, Am/Can CD

BrShCh Dalati Briog of Walgoreg X Canisbay Heather of Knockmains

Canna came to us at 16 weeks of age from Lockerbie, Scotland. She was biddable, easy to live with and proved her soft mouth by retrieving pigeons in training and baby bunnies and birds in the pasture.

Picture of Staffa

Ch Holly House Glenevan's Isle, CDX, RN, Can CD, WD, VC

Ch. Rwyn Aurora C.W. Junior, WD X Am Ch Holly House Royal Blend, MX, AXJ

Staffa was bred by Anne Legare of Oxford, Maryland. I have admired her mother's elegance since I saw her at the National Specialty in Wisconsin in 1995, and feel fortunate to have a Blenny puppy.

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