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Picture of Canna

Am/Can Ch Knockmains Glenlossie, Am/Can CD (Canna)

BrShCh Dalati Briog of Walgoreg X Canisbay Heather of Knockmains

February 21, 1994 - July 18, 1999

Canna earned a group 3 in Canada and finished her AKC championship with four majors. She was usually owner handled, but took one AKC point with her number 1 fan, Judy Priestley, on the end of the lead. She was owner handled to both obedience titles, and was always a happy, working dog.

Unfortunately, Canna contracted meningoencephalitis in October 1997. She battled back from death's door, only to suffer a relapse in June 1998. Once again she recovered from the worst of it, but the disease left her with occasional seizures. She remained unfailingly happy and a joy to live with until July 18, 1999, when we were awakened at 1:30 am by the sound of her having a particularly long and nasty seizure. When she came out of it, she wagged her tail and kissed us both. She seemed fine, and we let her out for a bathroom trip. Suddenly, she became confused and frightened, perhaps another impending seizure or the after-effects of the one just finished. She ran. She was spotted once at 5:30 am about a mile from our house by someone on her way to work, then never seen again. Miles of walking, hundreds of flyers and posters, dozens of searches found nothing.

The very first time we saw Canna, we were in Jock Beattie's conservatory, with his wife, Evelyn, and two of their friends. Jock let 4-month-old Canna in from the garden. She ran straight past familiar faces, jumped in our laps, and kissed us. We made a pretense of checking her over, but she'd already said she was coming home with us, and that was that. In July 1999, it was as if she announced she was leaving us in the same way, with a quick kiss for each of us, and we had no choice in the matter.

Vital Statistics
Sex: Male
Date of Birth:  February 21, 1994
Breeder: Mr. J. Beattie
Owner: Valerie L. Young
Height/Weight: 18 inches/39 lbs
Hips: OFA Good / BVA/KC 3:3
Eyes: CERF/cleared by gonioscopy
Titles: Am Champion, Can Champion,
Am Companion Dog, Can Companion Dog

Pedigree for Am/Can Ch Knockmains Glenlossie, Am/Can CD
BrShCh Dalati Briog of Walgoreg
Hips 6:6
BrShCh Dalati Sioni BrShCh Dalati Cais
BrCh Dalati Fflur
BrShCh Dalati Sarian Tregwillym Royal Mint
BrShCh Dalati Sal
Canisbay Heather of Knockmains
Hips 3:5
BrShCh Ferndel Stroller
Hips 15
BrShCh Dalati Cymro of Tamaritz
BrShCh Dalati Hefin
Menstonia Morning Mist BrShCh Tamaritz Toff
Menstonia Meandering Mist
Hips 2:1

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