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The Apple Litter: CH Bentcroft Evan Peleryn x CH Holly House Glenevan's Isle

Our second litter, with the apple variety theme, was born December 7, 2004. This was a frozen semen breeding with surgical insemination. There were three puppies in the litter, two females and one male. There were no rear dew claws. Two puppies were open-marked but with substantial red, one of those has a show-side saddle.

Info at 8 Weeks

  • All have correct scissors bites.
  • Two have small umbilical hernias, one about 3 mm in diameter, one perhaps 1 mm.
  • One has bilateral iris-to-iris persistent pupillary membrane, which may still regress. Eyes are otherwise normal. (ACVO examination)
  • The male currently has one normally-descended testicle. (Note: 2nd descended by 11 weeks.)

"Sarah" is now "Poppy" - Glenevan Red Delicious. She is in a show home with adults. "Sam" is now "Duncan" - Glenevan Monark. He is in a companion home with school-age children. "Sparkle Pink" is still "Sparkle Pink" - Glenevan Pink Lady. She is in our home with preschool children.

Update at 2 Years - Health Test Results

All have normal elbows (3/3 OFA normal) thyroid (3/3 OFA normal) and hips (2/3 OFA good, 1/3 OFA excellent). "Poppy" and "Sparkle Pink" have had their eyes examined as adults. Poppy was pronounced "normal". Sparkle Pink was eventually pronounced normal, but the ophthalmologist was concerned about below-average myelin development of her optic nerve.

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